The Editorial Policy of the Scientific and Information-Analytical Economic Journal ETAP: Economic Theory, Analysis, and Practice

1. The policy of the editorial board of the scientific and information-analytical economic journal «ETAP: Economic Theory, Analysis, and Practice» (hereinafter referred to as "the Journal") is based on modern legal requirements for copyright stated in Russian legislation; ethical principles, supported by the community of leading publishers of scientific periodicals; as well as on the concept of aversion to plagiarism and slander.

2. Forming the editorial policy, the Journal proceeds from the recommendations of international organizations on the scientific publications ethics. The editorial policy of the Journal is based on the foremost standards of Russian and international scientific journals, including the Code of Conduct and the Best Practice Guidelines for the Journal Editors and the Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers developed by the Committee on Publications Ethics (COPE). When implementing domestic policy, the editorial staff of the Journal follows these documents.

3. The articles sent to the editorial office of the Journal should not be published or pending in other publications. All possible conflicts of interest related to copyrights and the publication of the articles in question should be resolved. The authors confirm that their publication does not violate any of the existing copyright. For ease of distribution and to ensure the implementation of the policy of using materials, authors transfer to the publisher a non-exclusive ownership of the manuscript (license agreement).

4. The editorial board considers it unacceptable to publish papers with copying more than 10 percent of the work of another person without specifying his authorship, references to the source and use of quotes. It is also not allowed to incorrectly rephrase the text of another author with the modification of more than one sentence within one paragraph or section of the text, or the arrangement of sentences in a different order without an appropriate reference to the source. The editorial board does not allow using the elements of the work of another author without attribution, for example, a drawing, a table or a paragraph without expression of gratitude, references to the source or use of quotes. The authors should obtain permission from the owner of the copyright to use the elements of his work.

5. If the fragments of the manuscript were previously published, the author (s) are obliged to give a reference to this work, and also indicate what is the essential difference of the new work from the previous one and to reveal its connection with the results of the studies and conclusions presented in the earlier work. The allowed limit for self-citation is not more than three citations of the author's own works.

6. The editorial staff of the Journal adheres to the standards of academic ethics, protects the reputation of authors and takes seriously all cases of plagiarism. A system of procedures is used to respond to possible accusations of plagiarism.

7. The content of the paper should correspond to the theme and scientific level of the journal and to be of undoubted scientific interest. The title of the paper should correspond to its content. The material proposed for publication should be original, not published earlier. The accuracy of the reproduction of names, quotations, formulas is the responsibility of the author. The following author's materials are accepted for publication:

- scientific (practical) papers;
- reviews;
- translations (with a commentary of an interpreter).

8. The journal is fully aware of the responsibility for making decisions on the publication of scientific papers, and therefore justifies each decision by involving materials of leading Russian and foreign scientists and practitioners in the evaluation and analysis of the materials received by the editorial office. Reliability, scientific significance and relevance of work are the main criteria for their evaluation.

Adopted by the Editorial Board of the Scientific and Information-Analytical Economic Journal «ETAP: Economic Theory, Analysis, and Practice»

September 9, 2017