ETAP: Economic Theory, Analysis, and Practice

Science and Research Economic Journal

The first edition of the journal was published in 2009. The journal’s creators are joined by the idea to make their own contribution in the development of the science and economic journalism, to present their point of view on the current processes in the development of an innovation-based economy, and to support finding out and promoting young creative scientific manpower.

The journal covers the processes of economic development of the country, analyses the practical effects of the science theories, innovations, and ideas. It is based on an integrated research and a practice approach to the economic problems.

Ever since the journal was founded there have been published over one hundred articles written by scientists and experts that successfully solve such a complex problem as a theoretical interpretation of the current changes in the country’s and world’s economy and financial system.

Among the journal’s authors there are executives of federal and regional authorities, Russian leading economists, international experts, scholars, university professors, companies’, corporates’ and  organizations’ managers and experts, Ph.D. candidates and students.

A community of professionals recognized the journal: it is awarded by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for an extensive coverage of the Russian economic development and domestic business support.   

The journal is intended for scholars, university professors, students and Ph.D. students as well as for managers and experts of state administrative bodies, local government authorities and business entities.

The journal’s editorial staff are sure that the journal will become a stage in a theoretical evaluation of modern economic processes, in the development of scientific and economic periodical publication, in someone’s creative and scientific life.

In Russian, the word “ETAP” means “a stage”.